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Kanon 2006, plots, story and déjà vu

February 8, 2008

Kanon, the time tested anime franchise.

Kanon (2006) is an animation aired between October 5th 2006 and March 15th 2007. It was actually the second anime adaptation and was created by Kyoto Animation. It was based on a Japanese graphical novel developed by Key which uses the same voice actor as the series, except for the main character, Yuichi, who was voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (aka Kyon from the anime series, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.  This article focused on the plots, settings and the déjà vu effect  it had on me while viewing the anime. I had originally watched the series adapted by Toei Animation which first aired on January 31st, 2002 (aka Kanon 2002). The series revolves around the same casts, but details in Kanon 2002 are not as deeply described as in the 2006 series, partly due to the fact that the Toei Series has only 13 episodes. On the other hand, the Kyoto Series which has 26 episodes to play with, offers more details into what actually happened within the original game in which the anime was based on.

Kyoto decides to use all the original soundtrack within the original game it was based on, right up to the opening and ending themes. This enables fans who had played the original game to relate themselves more to the game while watching the anime. The Toei series, on the other hand, uses a new set of original soundtrack as well as a new opening and ending. Although this may actually be more time consuming, the overall effect may not be as good as the original.

The opening, and what it invokes

The original opening, is a rather sad song. Just the name, “Last regrets” already signals to the listener on what is the mood of the song. “Words of Songs” blog ( shows the translations as such.

I won’t say ‘thank you’; I’ll leave it in myself forever
Goodbye, after a dream that doesn’t overshadow it, quietly landsI forever, forever embrace the pieces pouring into my hands
And I already know the strength of laughing until the endGood morning, waking up is blindingly bright and sad
Goodbye, our inexcusable weaknesses were fineThe common kindness in us moves around like flowers, like love
I can’t hear the quietness of the low clouds waiting for the wind anymoreI forever, forever embrace the pieces pouring into my hands
And I already know the strength of laughing until the endI won’t cry anymore, I won’t cry anymore, I won’t cry

What really gets my attraction are the words,  

“Ryoute ni wa furisosogu kakera o itsu made mo itsu made mo daite Saigo made waratteru tsuyosa o mou shitte ita”

which in Words of songs, being translated as “I already know the strength of the laughing until the end”. In the anime fan sub done by SS-Eclipse, these two lines are translated as “She already knows the strength it takes to smile until the end”. For first timers, it will not make any sense at all, coupled with the visual being Ayu with pink wings in a snowy background. However, for people who are familiar with the series, they will know that Ayu is not as human as she appears to be. She had waited for Yuichi for seven years in the same town, same bench, just in the hope that Yuichi will return to her, fulfilling the promise they had made. Although, in all these while, her body is somewhere resting, waiting to be awaken.Similarly, the other girls within the series, are also waiting for Yuichi especially for Mai, Nayuki and Makato, who had direct connection with Yuichi when Yuichi came to the town for his holidays some years ago. I will write more on their story later. In a nutshell, these five girls, except for Shirori met Yuichi in one way or another seven years ago, and each one of them are waiting for Yuichi to return to them with a different story. 

The ending, both warm and cold

The ending theme Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho, is translated in “Words of Songs” as,

The wind beneath my feet; light danced; the amount of miracles that has only accumulated in the ordinary days
If we look up, there are clouds; we’re on the way home that leads into the distance sooner than the us from the days when we were young
Like children who waited for the snow to thaw, we run; shining droplets are hopping around
We’re not even worried about our meeting tomorrow; it’s shining within the seasonsThe day when all kinds of wishes throughout the world are fulfilled will come
Little fairies will fly down to us, who have been traveling on a journey foreverThe place where we met will also turn green; we’ll entrust the time that flows slowly and look to faraway
The road lined with houses and stores, the us from the days when we were young are still racing
If we notice the sound of the footsteps of the miracle, which resembles the voices of the trees and rustling of the days
That we hear from that promenade, then we can become this strong againThe wind blows toward thoughts that overflow throughout the world
We repeat this and travel on our goodbye-less journey foreverThe day when all kinds of wishes throughout the world are fulfilled will come
Little fairies will fly down to us, who have been traveling on a journey forever 

The ending theme cast a mood directly different from the opening theme.  The tune leading up to the first words is light hearted and prepares the listener on what is coming. The whole song had the feeling of snow and Christmas, which further enhanced  with the themes, “Angels” and “Miracles” and “Wishes”, which are sang throughout the song. What catches my attention in this song are the words,

“Sekaijuu ni wa donna omoi mo kanau hi ga kuru, Zutto tabi o shite yuku bokura ni  chiisana sei-tachi maioriru”,

which is translated as “The day when all kinds of wishes throughout the world are fulfilled will come
Little fairies will fly down to us, who have been traveling on a journey forever” and translated by SS-Eclipse as “A day will come when any wish will come true anywhere in the world. For we who keep travelling a small angel will descend”. These lines mirrors the lines of many inspiration books and quotes which encourages people not to give up. They are the words spoken to people who endured hardships and misfortunes for some time, even though they may not be responsible for the state they are in. They are also the words used to encourage people, youngsters and entrepreneurs wannabes who are starting to build their empire, careers and businesses not to give up easily, as the end of the tunnel will eventually come one day, as the darkest sky will eventually turn to light, as the coldest winter will eventually turn to spring. For those who had travelled down their path, for those who had stick to their path to the belief that success will come one day, that day will definitely come for them.

This song is one of those songs I always like to listen to during my days learning programming. It is during these times, when the programs would not work for no apparent reason, when the print outs are constantly wrong, that these songs gave me the strength to move on on the path I have chosen. It was these inspiriting songs, which kept me going during these tough times.However, it is always these songs, which also reminds me that there are some, who will never see that light at the end of the tunnel, they will never be able to see the Angels which will descend onto their path one day. In one way or another, these songs kept me on my toes   that whatever I have now, might not be there anymore once the world around me changes. Nothing can be taken for granted.  

Makoto Arc, the forgotten pet which you left behind

Have you ever wanted a pet when you are young, only to be told by your parents that they will not allow it as you would not know how to take care of them? Did you ever dug out snails from the school’s garden and try to take them home with you? Have a cat ever snuggled up to you with no apparent reason, making your heart melt with its purrs? Or have a lost dog ever jumped out of a bush out of a blue, trying to get your attention, and after you fed it something out of pity, they just do not seemed to want to walk away from you?

While my family do not earn enough to keep a dog, my parents always believed that keeping some pets in the house will keep the house alive. It makes your day bright when you feel down, even though that you probably seen the same fish for the past few days, week, or even years. Sometimes, just the sight of your goldfishes pushing each other away in a bid to eat more fish food is enough to send a smile to even the weariest mind. To me, the sight of my pets breathing is enough. The fact that my tortoises are crawling, and the sight that my mother’s fishes are staring at me is enough for me to feel that life is worth living. Even though I already know that.

Makoto’s story starts at the end of the second episode of Kanon 2006. It depicts a girl who lost all her memories except for knowing that the person she hated is Yuichi. As the series goes on, Makoto became more and more attached to Yuichi, although she will not admit it herself. In the series, Makoto is often seen trying to sneak up on Yuichi to throw a prank or two so that Yuichi will be startled or shout in fear. The first clue that indicated to the audience that there is another story behind Makoto’s past is the time where Yuichi remembers that the name, Makoto, belongs to someone else, someone whom he had admired when he was young. The next clue came when Amano spoke to Yuichi, suggesting that Makoto being “someone” he had met a long time ago. It was that time, Yuichi thought of the possibility that Makoto being the fox he had picked up ten years ago.According to Amano, two things are needed to generate a miracle. One, is memories, while, the other, is life. This news,  came to yuichi as a shock. Further more, Makoto had already displayed signs of weakening limbs, something which signals to both Yuichi and Amano that Makoto’s life is going to end soon.

Makoto reminds me of the two pet rabbits which I had when I was young. One of them will always wake me up in the morning by running into my room. They will come close to where we are sitting, and rest directly at our feet. They enjoy being feed and pet by us, as much as we enjoyed seeing them hopping around. Sadly, since rabbits do not live pass 8 years, both of them passed away, one after the other. Although my family came to adopt a few more rabbits, they are not as close to us as those two were.

The new batch of rabbits are Australia dwarfs, very timid by nature. Since during that time, I had entered high school, I did not have enough time to spend with this new batch of bunnies. This allowed them to develop a fear of humans, as all rabbits do naturally.In the eyes of humans, pets are often nothing more than animals they bought. But, in the eyes of these pets, the owners are everything to them. Like Makoto, all they want from their owners may be just a pat on the head, or just to snuggle up to their owners when they are sleeping. Without the tinted thoughts of humans, these simple creatures only yearn for simple desires. That is, to be always with the one that they care about.                                                                                                               


I’ll stop here for today since my thesis is going to be due soon. Please check back for more updates if you like what I wrote.